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Is your business suffering because of the website?

Do you spend hours thinking about what to post on your business social media, or are you spending too much on Google Ads that bring barely any business? With Sirius Marketing Company, you don't have to. Our strategy is to build long term and measurable growth for your business. Your success has three parts:


A website that brings leads

Your new website can become the most valuable business asset. Carefully designed with a professional copy that sells your product and services.


A marketing strategy that works

Organic content marketing has long term benefits. You don't have to spend thousands on Google Ads anymore. Build a fleet of landing pages that sell.


Business sales automation

Your happy customer list is a gold mine of repeated sales, positive feedback and bringing stability and predictability to your business.

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Your guide with a proven plan

We have been there ourselves, paid thousands for a brand new and beautiful website but to have no leads and not knowing why. We spent thousands on Google Ads campaigns and had no business out of it. Through years of hard work, we know the only thing that works in marketing is to show the value of your services to the right customers.

Measurable results for our clients:

Likes, follows and the number of visitors mean nothing if you are not selling.

Surrey Cleaning Angels monthly leads
Fix-it Surrey monthly leads
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easyParking website screenshot


When we took on sir Stelios' new project called easyParking, it wasn't ranking on Google at all. After just three months of creating landing pages targeted at specific areas, it's now ranking on first pages on Google for keywords such as 'rent parking space Oxford'. Beating some of the competitors in search results.

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Surrey Cleaning Angels website screenshot

Surrey Cleaning Angels

We've been working with Surrey Cleaning Angels for several years now. It started with the business's first website, which we build to rank on the first pages for cleaning services across Surrey. The website design was refreshed every few years to stay ahead of the competition. The business opened another branch in Yorkshire, so we created a separate microsite for the new company Yorkshire Cleaning Devils which now ranks on the first pages of Google too.

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Computer Genie website screenshot

The Computer Genie

The Computer Genie started just as the pandemic led to lockdown in England. It grew stronger during the pandemic as more people worked from home, kids were homeschooled, and their laptops and computers needed to be fixed. The Computer Genie dominates local Google searches for keywords such as "laptop repair Aldershot". The number of leads is steadily increasing.

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Fix-it Surrey website screenshot

Fix-it Surrey

Another Surrey-based success story we like to share. We worked with Fix-it Surrey to completely rewrite their services pages, focusing on the Guildford area. The business is now enjoying a steady stream of 50+ leads every month at no ongoing advertising cost.

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Building a solid foundation for long term growth

An effective website and a proven marketing plan equal a solid business foundation. This investment will keep paying off dividends for years to come.

Free updates for 1 year

Website optimised to sell

  • Ultra-fast loading website
  • Deep SEO optimisation
  • Benefit driven copywriting
  • Visual design to sell
  • SSL certificate
Website optimisation
Money back guarantee

6 months marketing plan

Per month
  • Marketing strategy
  • Creating landing pages
  • Lead generation magnets
  • Social media content
  • Customer email list
Digital marketing strategy
Included with marketing

Sales Funnel

Per month
  • Sales automation
  • Lead nurturing
  • Email sequence
  • Sales funnel
  • SMS marketing
Sales Funnel
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Meet your experts

Richard Kacerek

Richard uses 15+ years of web development and SEO skills paired with building successful businesses to create your new online presence that sells your product, not just looks good.

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Vera Nesvadbova

Vera has fantastic attention to detail where it matters, your website text. She makes sure your marketing materials are aligned with your brand and your customer expectations.

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Your improved business starts here

You will talk to Richard and Vera during your 30-minutes video call (Zoom or any other service of your choice) and at the end you will have three solid tips on how to improve your business right now.

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Roadmap to your business success

We take the time to understand your business in detail and create a digital marketing strategy that works for you

  1. 1.
    Understanding your business
  2. 2.
    Creating your new website
  3. 3.
    Creating a digital marketing strategy
  4. 4.
    Growing your business
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Sirius Marketing Company is a digital marketing agency helping businesses get the most out of their marketing through an effective website and a proven marketing plan.

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