Content marketing that keeps producing leads

How would you feel not having to pay thousands for Google Ads marketing every month? Content marketing for your website is the second pillar of a successful business.

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How much are you paying for online ads?

If you are still paying for Google ads as the only source of your traffic, you are doing it wrong. It must be very expensive. The right website content will make your adverts cheaper since they are more relevant and bring more organic SEO traffic to your website.


SEO copywriting service

Our SEO focused English copywriting services build the content around the value you provide to your customers.


Value-based marketing

How do you make your customers' lives better with your product or service? We will sit down with you and create a value-based marketing strategy.


Keyword research planning

We need to know the right keyword that will bring organic traffic and everyday words your customers will use and type into Google Search.

You don't need to write blog articles anymore

Before adopting Donald Miller's StoryBrand Marketing, we spent thousands of pounds on Google Ads, which resulted in mediocre sales. We learned how value-based content marketing turns into business leads and sales.

Yorkshire Cleaning Devils content strategy delivering traffic - Google Search Console
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Included with content marketing

Brand message
Together, we will find out what problem you are solving for your customers and how you create value. We'll create a sales funnel with a clear, easy to understand marketing message unified across all marketing channels.
Microsites for your niche
Do you offer more than one service? It's much better to have more websites, each promoting a different service niche. Just like The Computer Genie, where we created another microsite for gaming PC builds and laptop and PC recycling.
We work only with businesses where we firmly believe we can create value and achieve great results. If you don't see an increase in your web traffic and leads, we will give you free 6 months of our VIP marketing package.
Customer email list
Nobody signs up for newsletters. You need to show the value you are offering to exchange an email address. That's why we create an effective sales funnel to nurture your lead contacts to a sale.
Landing pages
Landing pages are a crucial part of the organic content building we use for each business we work with. It's a great way to improve your local SEO.
Social media content
You may not realise it, but you have plenty to post on your social media, and you just need a clear social media marketing strategy for your business brand.
Creating a one-liner might sound cheesy, but simplifying your marketing message is a great exercise. In the shortest possible way, how do you help your customers?
Create amazing value
Your business creates something valuable that your customers are willing to pay you for. We will help you realise your value and its difference to your customers' lives.
Lead generator
Offer your customers the opportunity to get to know your business and service simply by helping them solve a problem. Giving tips and advice builds trust right from the start.
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Guaranteed success

We only promise what we can deliver. A highly researched and professionally written text that keeps delivering organic traffic from google is our promise.

Money-back guarantee

If you don't see any improvement in your web traffic and leads, we will give you our VIP marketing package for another 6 months.

Measurable business growth

You can see the improvements we are making in your Google Analytics account and the number of leads you will be getting.

Conflict-less interest

We strictly work with only one company from the same industry and area to avoid conflict of interest.

No hidden fees

There are no additional payments.

Wise investment into developing unique content.

Writing content is not always easy, and producing content that is 100% unique and written to highlight the value your business creates is even harder.

Best value package

Ideal for small businesses

One-off payment +
  • up to 10 website pages
  • up to 10 pages copywriting
  • Social media posting 3x per week
  • Branding refresh
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Ultimate VIP package

Perfect for ultra-fast growth

One-off payment +
  • up to 20 website pages
  • up to 20 pages copywriting
  • Social media posting 5x per week
  • Branding refresh
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How a value-based content works

Take a look at how we helped other businesses and transformed their digital marketing strategy that keeps on delivering leads for years.

Computer Genie quote

Targeting several niche markets

The Computer Genie started as one website, offering everything from repairs to custom builds and recycling. But each of these targets a different type of customer. Rather than creating a complex all in one website, we decided to create microsites. Now there are three sites, each targeting a different problem a customer has.

See how we did it

A content strategy that will keep producing

Your success story starts with a strong foundation - your website. It must be better than your competition; otherwise, you will lose your customers to them. With Sirius Marketing company, you can have a professional website that delivers much more than your current website.

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