Local business success story

Marketing strategy to dominate local searches has paid off big for the Computer Genie. After creating a professional website with great visuals, Genie also reached number one positions on Google for selected terms in all local areas.

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Three micro-sites

Customer research and feedback led to the creation of three microsites that share unified branding. Each website makes it easier to focus marketing efforts on specific customers.

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Dominating local searches

Our main goal was to dominate local searches. With detailed keyword research and a list of key geographical areas, the Computer Genie slowly gained first positions.

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Effective sales funnel setup

Building up a customer list came naturally, and we picked SMS marketing since the company was gathering the phone numbers of their customers. Genie quickly doubled the amount of referral business.

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A hobby that turned into a thriving local business

A 20-year old hobby that turned into a business which then turned into a local success story. Helping the community to stay online since the first lockdown by repairing broken laptops and desktop computers.

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Successful marketing strategy

Website design and build

We knew Computer Genie needed a fast loading website that looked professional to dominate local searches, leaving competition looking like amateurs.

Local area SEO

Computer repair is heavily dependant on the area. So we picked the most prominent places and focused our marketing within 1-hour drive radius from Ash Vale.

Detailed keyword research

Keyword research gave us an idea about search terms people look for on Google. From that list, we could then select the right business related keywords to focus on.

Text message marketing

Text message marketing could be incredibly efficient, and for Computer Genie, this form of marketing quickly doubled the referral from an existing customer list.

Three mirco-sites

The development of additional microsites has evolved naturally by talking to Genie customers and finding out the ways of marketing laptop repair but also gaming PC build services.

Problem landing pages

There are now more than 40 landing pages on the Computer Genie website. After six months of marketing, the business receives more than five calls each day at no marketing cost.

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