User acquisition strategy for a new startup

Building a new startup from scratch is not easy. easyParking hired us for a 6-months long content creation strategy to build a fleet of area focused landing pages to acquire new users naturally.

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A fleet of landing pages

The primary objective was to create a large fleet of 30+ highly optimised landing pages to support CPC campaign efforts from the easyParking team. Making the new user aquisition much easier and to get traction in the industry.

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User areas research

We started with detailed research of parking services and potential customers in different areas of the UK. Keywords research helped uncover high-volume focus keywords and bring steady traffic during the high staycation season.

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Professional copywriting

Understanding easyParking services in detail means crafting content that addresses the user's search intent. People are looking for parking in certain areas of Hosts, which are looking to earn money from the spare driveway.

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Getting easyParking to a number one page on Google in 6 months

Parking is a highly competitive business, as it turns out. easyParking was facing strong competition, but in just 4 months, we started to see significant improvements that carry on until today.

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Website traffic per month
Optimised landing pages
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Full service marketing agency

Website design and build

Entire website was carefully crafted for a specific audience to be easy to read and focus on just one topic at a time. Leading the reader toward a registration.

Local area SEO

Some areas with difficult to find parking spaces were the easiest, to begin with. High parking demand in places like Cambridge makes an appealing case to rent your driveway.

Mobile app promotion

Easy landing pages had to promote mobile app installations. Mobile app marketing strategy for easyParking brand delivered hundreds of new app installs in just the first 6 months.

Landing pages

Each landing page we created had to focus either on a host or a renter. Carefully promoting the benefits of using the easyParking mobile app and the easy brand.

Professional text

The clarity of the marketing message was our primary focus. Combined with area and keyword research, we could draft simple to understand benefit driven copy.

Social media promotion

Part of our agreement with easyParking was also the management of social media content promotion and strategy. Making sure the marketing message is consistent across all channels.

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