Never pay for online ads again

Is your marketing strategy to pay for Google Ads to be in top search results knowing that your website will be nowhere to be found yet again once you stop paying? Sirius Marketing Company offers a digital marketing service that creates long term, content based organic promotion for your business. How would you feel not having to pay thousands for Google Ads marketing every month?

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Are you struggling to think of content marketing ideas?

As a business owner, you may have too many things to do - run your business, speak to customers, write quotes, the list goes on. How can you find the time to think about content for your social media or create a content marketing strategy that works?


Value based marketing

Without knowing what problem your product or service solves for your customers you will not succeed in your marketing.


Results for years to come

Our customers never needed to pay for Google Ads because the website optimised by us provides long term organic results.


Money back guarantee

You have nothing to lose by working with us. We strongly believe in our proven approach. If you don't see any change to your web traffic and leads, we will refund the entire 6 months.

You don't need to write blog articles anymore

Before adopting Donald Miller's marketing practices, we spent thousands of pounds on Google Ads, which resulted in zero sales. We learned how simple marketing could be through our failure early on, and we built up many businesses using the marketing made simple.

easyParking traffic growth over two months period
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What you'll get when we market your business

Brand message
Together, we will find out what problem you are solving, what your service or product offers and then showcase its value.
Microsites for your niche
Do you offer more than one service? It's much better to have more websites, each promoting a different niche of service. Just like The Computer Genie where we created another microsite for gaming PC builds and laptop and PC recycling.
We work only with businesses where we strongly believe we can achieve results. If you don't see any increase in your web traffic and leads, we will refund your investment.
Customer email list
Nobody signs up to newsletters; you need to show what value you are offering to exchange an email address. Are you utilising your customer email list with regular emails?
Landing pages
Landing pages are a crucial part of the organic content building we use for each business we work with. It's a great way to improve your local SEO.
Social media content
You may not realise it, but you have plenty to post on your social media, and you don't need to have all the social media out there.
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6 months marketing strategy

We've optimised your website and built the foundations; now, it's time to build upon these foundations and make your online business stronger for years to come.

Digital marketing

Proven and tested digital marketing for 6 months to help improve website ranking, enquiries and sales.

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Per month for 6 months. Includes money-back guarantee!
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Guaranteed success

Charging excessive fees or promising you results we can't achieve are not part of our growth strategy.

Computer Genie website screenshot

Targeting several niche markets

The Computer Genie started as one website, offering everything from repairs to custom builds and recycling. But each of these targets a different type of customer. Rather than creating a complex all in one website, we decided to create microsites. Now there are three sites, each targeting a different problem a customer has.

See how we did it

6 months marketing campaign guaranteed to deliver results

Forget spending hours trying to come up with a blog article or what to post on all your social media. Most businesses have all the major social media accounts, but you don't need them all. Sirius Marketing Company makes your marketing simple, aimed at providing valuable content to your potential customers.

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