Automate your business growth with a sales funnel

Using what we built in the first two parts, your business can grow automatically! You can sell more by using the right tools like lead nurturing, removing unnecessary admin tasks, and promoting referrals from your clients.

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How many repeated sales are you losing right now?

Do you have a customer list that you never use? Is the admin cost getting higher? Most businesses make the same mistake of not having any sales strategy to automate their success and bring predictable sales.


More repeated sales

Remind your customers to buy your services automatically, whether it's an oven cleaning before Christmas or patio maintenance before every summer. All it takes is a simple email.


Less admin work

Can you set a system in place that will automate some of your admin tasks and save you money? You can then spent your time elsewhere to grow the business.


Automatic lead nurturing

Spend your time wisely with your customers before purchase. Show them the value of your service or product and use all possible channels to get your message out. Automatically!

Sell more while saving costs through automation

We understand your current problem. Your business needs to adapt to new change and use power of digital marketing. Automation is a way to help sell more and save money in the process. Each business is different but automation can be applied almost everywhere.

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What's you'll get when we automate your business

Custom email list
Sending your customers an email once each month with news is a no-no. This email marketing does not work. Your customers want to see the real value your product or service provides.
Nurture emails
If you provide service where you lead a customer to a sale, this is called lead nurturing. Let's set up a series of information that you send to your potential customer to understand you are the best choice for them.
Sales funnel
We will review and suggest improvements to your entire sales process. The whole journey from a single website visit to becoming a raving customer will keep shopping with you.
Creating products that sell
Let's shape your product in the best way highlighting the value you bring to the customer. Your product and services make a real difference in people's lives. We can start with that.
Customer referrals
People buy from people, and each customer can become your best sales representative. The power of recommendation is now bigger than ever. How often do you read product reviews before purchase?
Lead generating PDF
You can enlighten a curious visitor with a real value PDF material. Sometimes it's called a drip campaign or lead magnet. And it is essential for your business because most customers are not ready to buy.
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upgrading iMac memory

Computer Genie 400% growth

In 2021 the Computer Genie grew by 400% compared to the previous year. We applied everything from our arsenal - constructed a fast loading new website with a heavy focus on the local area and created 40+ landing pages. Then we focused on referrals and reviews, which is now the main differentiating factor compared to their competition. Genie is receiving five calls per day on average.

See how we did it

Sales funnel that automatically grows your business

After a quick call with Richard and Vera, you will clearly understand how you can improve your business through automation. An actionable tips you can apply right now.

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