Social media marketing strategy with a clear message

Posting content on social media should not feel like a chore. It's a marketing channel worth talking about.

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Thinking about what to post on social media?

Now that you have a new website and great content, it's time to push that content out there to social media channels and start building your following.


Content calendar

A successful social media content marketing strategy starts with a plan ahead. You need to know how seasonal your business is and how to use it to your advantage.


Digital marketing

Digital marketing is all about content pushed through the right channels. We need to set a vision of what you want to achieve and then milestones to get there.


Social Marketing strategy

Social media marketing is a part of your digital marketing plan and offers your customers a direct connection to your business. Build up your following!

Let ideas that flow naturally

From a private clinic audiology service to a plastic grass installer, we help small businesses like yours create an effective social media marketing strategy and value-based content.

easyParking traffic growth over two months period
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Included with social media marketing

Value marketing
All our marketing is based on value. Your value as a brand or a business, and with social media marketing, we focus on a single point at a time.
Graphical assets
All digital assets that we create will be yours and free to use in other ways. We do not charge any release fees.
Captivating images
Choosing the right images is a challenge on its own. We will source royalty-free photos if required, or better yet, use yours if you have any.
Text and copywriting
Scheduling the right kind of content at the right time is critical and can drastically improve your sales if done correctly.
Local Facebook groups
Local Facebook groups are also open to traditional advertising. Value-based marketing is much easier to post and is also more engaging.
Facebook cover and promo
Of course, we will create all graphics necessary to improve your Facebook business profile. Feel free to use it for Google My Business too.
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Examples of engaging social marketing posts

Social media post about screen repair for Computer Genie

The Computer Genie

Social media post about a screen repair for Computer Genie runs once a week with a direct book now button.

Social media post about no maintenance lawn for Evergreen Artificial Lawns

Evergreen Artificial Lawns

Social media post about no maintenance lawn for Evergreen addresses one of the biggest benefits of artificial lawn.

Social media post about tinitis for Audiology+


Social media post about tinnitus for Audiology+ focuses on tinnitus sufferers helping alleviate the symptoms.

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Examples of Facebook cover

Facebook cover for Audiology+

Audiology+ Facebook cover

One of the Facebook cover image variants for Audiology+ shows the enterprise award achieved in healthcare.

Facebook cover for evergreen

Evergreen Facebook cover

Facebook cover image for Evergreen shows the primary services but focuses on the one thing customers want.

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Facebook stories for Audiology+

Few examples of successful Facebook stories created for a large social media promotion campaigns for Audiology+

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Posts stories for client three

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Create your fanbase of customers

Consistent and clear social media marketing message that builds your audience group. Become a company that helps its' customers.

Best value package

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  • up to 10 website pages
  • up to 10 pages copywriting
  • Social media posting 3x per week
  • Branding refresh
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One-off payment +
  • up to 20 website pages
  • up to 20 pages copywriting
  • Social media posting 5x per week
  • Branding refresh
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Other clients we helped with social media

Social media engagement can lift your brand over the competition

Computer Genie quote

Targeting several niche markets

The Computer Genie started as one website, offering everything from repairs to custom builds and recycling. But each of these targets a different type of customer. Rather than creating a complex all in one website, we decided to create microsites. Now there are three sites, each targeting a different problem a customer has.

See how we did it

Get ideas for social media marketing

Not sure where to start? How about a simple chat where we discuss ideas on how you can start promoting your business on social media and create a lasting marketing strategy.

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