7 steps to help you dominate local Google search without paying for ads

Richard Kacerek
05 October 2021

Richard uses 15+ years of web development and SEO skills paired with building successful businesses to create your new online presence that sells your product, not just looks good.

If you have a location-based business, you are in luck. By location-based, we mean customers come to you to repair their laptops, buy freshly baked bread, or get an artisan coffee.

Marketing based on physical location is different from a nationwide campaign. It’s easier, and we’ll show you how to market your business to your local community.

1. Start with a helpful website

Every business needs a website, no matter how small it is. Yes, you need a website. A good website converts your visitors to readers and readers to customers. Anyone can put together a website, but the content is what makes it a success.

But how do you create good quality content to promote your website on Google? Simple, focus on your customers and how you help them. Do you think that a cleaning company like Surrey Cleaning Angels cleans houses? Nope, they are helping their customers recover faster after operating by cleaning their house top to bottom. They are helping customers to have a great time together over dinner. With the best-tasting turkey after their oven has been professionally cleaned.

You are not selling. You are helping your customers. A rubbish cleaning company enables you to get you your garage back. A moving company takes the stress out of moving. You get the idea. If you are unsure how your business helps, you need to start with customer research. Ask your customers what matters to them. They will be happy to tell you.

A successful website has a matching style and fonts, text with a marketing message and quality content that offers value. A good website helps you sell your services.

2. Your Google My Business is essential

Customers search “near me” more often than you think. Google My Business puts your business on a map, literally, and it is a crucial tool if you serve customers from a location. Not only it helps to direct your customers, but Google My Business now offers many more features. Like “get a quote”, chat, pictures and a way to share your business updates.

Google My Business Reviews is yet another vital feature. Businesses with better reviews are preferred in local searches. Reviews are the number one reason customers choose our own Computer Genie service. How often do you buy a product after reading good reviews?

But there are others like Bing Places for business and Apple business places. All there are worth exploring and getting your business listed on.

3. Create a consistent marketing message

You need to show how you help your customers. Consistently across all channels: website, email, social media and even pictures. Once your brand establishes itself as a trustworthy supplier, you can start investing in the brand.

Branding guidelines, colours, fonts, and imagery is a good start. Having a rulebook handy or some guide would make it much easier across the departments to unify direction.

A huge part of consistency is planning. No more ad-hoc posting on Facebook because you like puppies. Your social media channels content needs careful planning for holidays and seasons ahead.

When creating consistent marketing content, always ask:

Does this content align with our company goals? Does it serve our mission and purpose? Does it help, inform, advise or make our customers laugh?

4. Make your content priority

A company that produces excellent quality content always wins more business. You cannot keep thinking a random posting would be enough.

You need to make your content creation a priority. Website and social media are channels to put your content out there. And that content needs to convert. Thus, you need to take content creation seriously.

You can take a look at your competition and see what kind of content they push out. Don’t be like any other company with a stale website. Keep showing your products and services in different ways. Get a plan in place for content creation and stand above the competition.

We often hear from customers that Surrey Cleaning Angels choose them because of the text they read on the website. Or Custom PC Genie, it’s because they saw beautifully hand-built gaming computer pictures on social media.

5. Area landing pages

Area landing pages is building upon the issues your customers have in certain areas. Keyword research will show us some hints of what services or products are more prevalent in certain regions. That’s your advantage over the competition - knowing what’s popular, where and having a landing page on your website.

While a landing page will do well on Google on its own, the main purpose is to use it in your marketing efforts and integrate it into your content strategy.

A consistent marketing plan would then focus on sending visitors to the right landing pages. Designed to do one thing - convert the visitor into a customer. Or at least start that first step to becoming your customer by offering action. Call to action like to book, call, buy, visit, shop now.

6. Choose your areas carefully

How far are your customers willing to travel to buy from you? Pick the right areas and the right services to promote in those areas. Keyword research would help you decide on which areas to focus on.

For The Computer Genie customer, we focused on 15 main areas. Then 12 more landing pages focusing on the most common issues customers have in those areas. The results are astonishing; 6 area pages bring over 40% of the traffic to the website.

7. Ask your customers for reviews

Reviews make a massive difference to a small local business. How often do you check Amazon reviews before purchase, be honest! Reviews help with social proof and remove possible hesitation in product purchase.

You might be sceptical about the power of reviews. Or scared of customers to openly criticise you. That is true, but then creative criticism is a good thing, and you can use reviews to make your products better.

Just recently, the Computer Genie reached 100 reviews and all five stars. A milestone worth celebrating with the customers and acknowledging their support.


Dominating your local Google searches is not all that difficult. You need to define your target audience and create exciting content for them to share. And what better content than showing how your solution to their problem is better than anyone else’s.

Focus on providing excellent customer service, respond quickly to requests. Plan your content on social media, and do it consistently over a more extended period.

That’s a sure way you don’t have to pay hundreds or maybe thousands for Google ads.

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