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Your website can deliver so much more; you know it! Imagine how much business you could be losing with your current website. Sirius Marketing specialises in creating professional websites and organic website optimisation to take your business to another level.

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Is your website your biggest business asset?

Have you done your website yourself to save time but know there's a lot more the website can do? Does it deliver a steady stream of business leads? If it's nowhere to be found on Google, then you need our help.


Dominate Google search

Is your website on the first page of Google search? If you are not ranking better than your competition, your potential customers will go to them.


Increase leads through website

You launched your website, now what? Having marketing and lead nurturing strategy in place is a must for any website or e-commerce.


Leave competition behind

Your website must load fast to rank better; easy to navigate website sells more. Solve your customer problems using landing pages and microsites.

Customers judge businesses based on their website

You could have the most beautiful website, but if the copy and message are wrong, all your investment will be lost. We've been there, spent thousands on web design, but the website was not delivering quality leads. We know what a high quality website needs, not only to look great but speak to your potential customers and sell your product or service.

Yorkshire Cleaning Devils top SEO positions
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What you'll get when we improve your website

Professional design
Through our customer research, we know that potential customers judge a business by its website. A website that's aimed at solving your customers' problems builds trust and works!
Benefit driven copy
You probably heard that you have to sell the benefits, not features, but how? It's not easy writing copy for a website. Luckily we are experienced in copywriting, including the right keywords too.
Superfast website
Nobody likes to wait for a website to load. With Amazon Web Services (AWS), your website will be fast and secure for only a few pounds a month.
Hand coded website
Forget WordPress or any other website builder. We take the time to hand-code your new website because that's another proven way to improve your web performance.
Local, organic SEO
You don't need to keep paying for Google ads, so your website shows at the top of the search results. We've built many websites using our tested organic SEO practices that will keep your website ahead of your competition.
Branding refresh
It's not just about the website, your logo and social media may need to be refreshed to support your new and better online presence.
Free updates for 1 year
As one of our valued customers, you can benefit from free updates for a year. This includes text and image updates with a super fast turnaround.
SSL security
Having an SSL certificate is becoming a must. It keeps your website secure, and it also contributes to your Google ranking.
Everything belongs to you
We don't believe in charging you a monthly retainer or release fee to get your website. Everything we create for you belongs to you.
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A website that delivers results

Do you feel that your website has a lot more potential to deliver more business opportunities but are not sure how to achieve that? Let's work together on creating a website that brings you more sales.

Optimised website

A professional website designed by our website optimisation consultant to appeal to your potential customers and turn them into paying customers.

Get my new website
One-off fee. Includes 1 year of free updates.
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Surrey Cleaning Angels website screenshot

Over 200 leads a month

The primary source of leads for Surrey Cleaning Angels is their website. Through organic optimisation, we achieved first page positions for many local searches for cleaning. We also created several different forms aimed at various cleaning services. They are highly detailed, making it easier to give their customers an accurate quote based on their requirements. They receive over 200 leads a month via the website forms, direct emails, calls and Facebook business page.

See how we did it

Beautiful looking website, designed to sell

Your success story starts with a strong foundation - your website. It must be better than your competition otherwise you will lose your customers to them. With Sirius Marketing Company, you can have a professional website that delivers much more than your current website.

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